Microsuction / Ear Care

Your practitioner

Mr Michael Sadler has been in health care since 2012. He originally trained as a paramedic in North Wales before moving on to work in primary care as a Specialist Practitioner. Here he gained experience assessing, diagnosing and managing patients with acute and chronic illness. 

Michael is professional, considerate and a respected member of the local health care community. He has completed an ENT UK accredited certificate in microsuction and has gained further experience under direct supervision of a doctor in Caterham, Surrey. 

Hear clear again

Did you know that hearing loss contributes to social isolation?

Conductive hearing loss from wax is known as a temporary hearing loss. This is because the wax is blocking sound from travelling through the ear canal to the ear drum.

By removing this wax, we can restore hearing if there is no other damage to the auditory process. There are several studies to suggest that once hearing is affected, the sooner you remove the blockage to lesser the risk of temporary conductive hearing loss becoming permanent.

The Method 

At Solent Ear Wax Clinic we offer the removal of ear wax under microscope. 'IF THERE IS NO MICROSCOPE, THERE IS NO MICROSUCTION'.
The microscope allows us to have a direct and magnified view of the ear canal. We can then use gentle suction so that the wax can be removed. 

We do not use water to irrigate the canal and microsuction is known as one of the safest ways to remove wax. 

Be sure to ask your practitioner if they use a microscope or goggles. It is recognised that the use of goggles (loupes) can be used to remove wax via suction but they lack significant magnification and depth perception when working at or around the ear drum.